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Looking for environmentally-friendly energy solutions to save money?

JK Energy Solutions offers a wide range of services. Our mission is to understand each customer and to deliver world class energy savings solutions within the context of their specific needs and concerns

  • iconHealthcare and elderly housing in the Northeast region is faced with meeting greater demands with facilities that have an aging infrastructure. Energy efficiency upgrades are an important answer to meeting this challenge. The long operational hours that are typical in these environments make energy efficiency projects very attractive financial propositions. These facilities can take advantage of a large variety of energy savings measures. JK Energy Solutions has extensive experience deploying a variety of solutions to the healthcare and elderly housing market.
    iconTo remain competitive in the global marketplace overall business efficiency is critical to the manufacturing and industrial sector. An important aspect of the drive for efficiency involves reduction of energy consumption. The vast array of systems, equipment, and processes involved in typical manufacturing and industrial facilities represent a significant opportunity for energy conservation. We work to partner with customers to understand their needs and goals and prioritize their opportunities for energy savings.

    iconBoth automotive dealerships and gas stations rely heavily on lighting to help their businesses. Customer interest, safety, product showcasing, and inventory protection are all part of their lighting solutions. Through LED technology, JK Energy Solutions is able to enhance all of these aspects of their business while reducing their utility expenses. Gas stations also benefit from our innovative refrigeration system optimization.

    iconJK Energy Solutions has developed a variety of energy savings solutions for retail customers as diverse as fast food restaurants and supermarkets, to fine jewelers. While mechanical upgrades and controls add comfort and efficiency, lighting is as important for energy efficiency as it is for maintenance savings and an enhanced customer experience. The ability to improve customer comfort and enhance aesthetics, while reducing energy consumption, makes energy efficiency upgrades a high priority for retail establishments.

    iconThe public sector is coping with reduced budgets and working to find ways to accomplish more with less resources at their disposal. Whether it is a school board meeting or a town board meeting, JK Energy Solutions consistently experiences positive reaction to the energy efficiency projects we have developed. If equipment that is nearing the end of its useful life can be replaced through an energy efficiency project that provides generous incentives and project financing, more budget dollars can be allocated to staffing and other needs.
    iconLighting efficiency is a particularly valuable measure for commercial housing. Exterior lighting typically operates from dusk to dawn making the return on investment for LED upgrades very attractive. This is also true for interior common areas which typically operate 24/7. In both cases, LED lighting not only creates significant energy savings, it also relieves maintenance costs and reduces safety risks.

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