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Looking for environmentally-friendly energy solutions to save money?

JK Energy Solutions offers a wide range of services. Our mission is to understand each customer and to deliver world class energy savings solutions within the context of their specific needs and concerns.

  • iconWith lighting accounting for 20-50% of the energy used in most buildings, increased efficiency can make a big difference to your monthly energy bill. Lighting technology is constantly evolving and JK Energy Solutions stays current with the newest, most reliable energy efficient lighting solutions. With the cost of LED technology steadily decreasing, and more utilities incentivizing LED solutions, JK Energy Solutions can upgrade exterior and even sometimes interior lighting systems with cost-effective LED solutions. Along with delivering a quick return on investment based on energy savings results, LED technology provides significant maintenance savings that can be easily quantified. JK Energy Solutions works with all of the major manufacturers to deliver the appropriate solution for each specific requirement. All LED products are Design Lights Consortium approved to ensure only the highest quality and most reliable products are utilized.
    iconJK Energy Solutions deploys refrigeration system optimization measures designed to help lower your energy costs, increase the efficiency of your cooling systems, and diagnose problems before they turn into costly repairs. Our control systems for your walk-in coolers and freezers have evaporator fans running 25% to 80% less, saving electricity and reducing compressor run time. Door and frame heaters are controlled based on store dew point, reducing run time by up to 95% in coolers and 60% in freezers. In areas with winter temperatures, cool outside air is used so that the compressor and fans run less often. We also replace evaporator fan motors with brushless, DC evaporator fan replacement motors that reduce your energy costs up to 70% over conventional motors — and can be easily retrofitted into existing walk-in and reach-in coolers and freezers with minimal disruption to store operations.
    iconMechanical equipment that is far from approaching its useful end of life often still operates inefficiently. Although this equipment and the associated systems do not merit replacement, JK Energy Solutions can develop and implement customized control strategies, as well as overall building management systems, that significantly reduce their energy consumption. These solutions also add comfort and provide precision operating information and control. We leverage best-of-breed technologies that improve building performance and reduce the overall cost of operations. Our scalable approach is beneficial for small branch size locations, as well as for large corporate campus environments.
    iconMost facilities have mechanical equipment that is nearing its useful end of life. With a traditional industry approach this usually means a significant capital expenditure with a high upfront cash outlay. However, JK Energy Solutions can often provide solutions at a reduced overall cost and with zero initial capital expense. Replacing mechanical equipment such as roof top HVAC units and boilers with newer, more efficient equipment you create energy savings. When you combine this work with some of the other energy savings measures we deploy, the overall cost of the mechanical upgrades are significantly reduced through generous utility incentives. Project financing can then be leveraged for the balance of the cost avoiding any upfront cash outlay.

    Our custom engineered and fabricated thermal blanket insulation systems are designed, manufactured, installed, and warrantied to improve the insulation performance of your existing steam system. They dramatically increase steam system efficiency resulting in significant energy and financial savings to the customer. We identify the valves and fittings where traditional insulation cannot be used. Each blanket is CAD designed and custom fabricated for a perfect fit to match Gate Valves, Pressure Reducing Flanges, Strainers, Stream Traps, Heat Exchanger Heads, Boiler Heads, PRV Stations, Condensate Pumps, and similar equipment. To learn more about these solutions visit the website of our sister company Shannon NRG Resources at

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